Guacamole AI 

2D / 3D Mapping


The aim of our product is to optimize operation performance by using artificial intelligence to provide real-time workplace monitoring and human behavior analysis. We explored ways to bring this to fruition while creating a user freindly and scalable experience. 


UX Designer - Discovery, User Research, Design and Testing. 


Santiago De Los Santos - Front End Developer 

David Camillo - Engineer

Sara Zaragan - Product Manager


Guacamole map view


Storage facilities are facing a big challenge to efficiently manage their operations, while they are becoming more complex and decentralized.  In the meantime, most businesses are not familiar with how artificial intelligence and computer vision can help them.



An extensive study on our competitors showed me that there are many opportunites to make the product more accessible and user friendly. 

  1. High learning curve
  2. More useful for higher level administrators
  3. Video downloads take a long time
  4. Live view glitches
  5. Too many integrations


Conducting phone interviews was very insightful to not only hear the needs and concerns of storage facility staff, but to also familarize myself with how the busniess and staff fuctions. Depending on where the facility is located, the needs of the business can look drastically different. From the insights gathered we were able to create the following user stories: 

  • As a staff member that needs to review camera footage, I need to access quickly. 
  • As a storage facility manager I want an app that integrates all platforms and systems that I use. 
  • As a manager I want a platform that has faster downloading times for footage. 
  • As a surveillance platform user I want a system that will alert me or the authorities when something is unusual or urgent.
  • As a staff member who has to review footage, I would like full visibility and views of all angles of the property.
  • As a manager I would like a platform that can locate lost or misplaced items on the property.

One of our user persona michelle needs look a little different than those with traditional security concerns. Based on this information we knew we would need to add an aditional function for ai to locate certain items on the property map. 

Exploration and Iteration

Initially I explored different ways that the employee was to view the map feature. How they would view persons and items moving through the property as well as how they would interact with these items. But I soon realized that the first iteration was not easily scalable for larger buildings etc. 


V. 1 Map View


V. 2 Map View


We soon realized that version one was not as scalable as we would like for large facilities. Version two addresses this issue by organizing each building and floor into a block like framework. This will allow the employer one way to view the whole property at once. 


V.2 Map Detail View


We also realized that filters play a large role and keeping the design clean and simple and allowing for the user to see exactly what they need in that particular moment. 


This is an ongoing project. Since I am designing a platform for an industry I was not familiar with before, it has been very fullfulling and a great learning experience. We are currently testing our product by running our software and cameras at a facility in Bogota, Columbia. We are also adding new features to the platform.